Welcome to ReproMed Sperm Bank

As the Canadian leader in sperm banking services, ReproMed has been helping build families since 1990. We employ the strictest guidelines outlined by the Canadian Semen Regulations in the acquisition, screening, storage, and shipment of semen to ensure absolute safety. Our quality control programs guarantee that you will have access to the most effective samples so you can achieve the highest success rates.

We offer a broad range of reproductive services in the area of sperm banking. Click on one of the buttons below to learn more:

Donor Semen Catalogue

A comprehensive & diverse list of both Canadian and imported donors. Extensive profile information is made available online for both anonymous and identity release donors.

Designated Donor Program

A unique opportunity to designate your own donor for your reproductive use. These specimens are produced in accordance with Health Canada regulations for use in your fertility journey.

Sperm Storage

The opportunity for men to preserve their fertility for those planning to have children later in life. This valuable service is of great importance to those about to undergo selective vasectomy, therapeutic surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or for those men whose occupation puts them at risk of losing their fertility.

ReproMed Sibling Registry

A special site for families who have used one of ReproMed's Canadian donors. This online community helps parents identify, research, and connect with other siblings.